A Quick Intermission

I know that these first few posts express a good deal of the emotional turmoil I experienced after I discovered my husband’s infidelity.  I almost want to apologize for them, since these are feelings that we usually do not share with many others, especially not broadly. However, exploring these emotions is necessary to the healing process.  Such things need to be expressed, unpacked, and understood, so that they don’t keep us bound in place, unable to truly move forward in our lives. What I am exploring in the “Untying the Gordian Knot” mini-series is how infidelity is not limited merely to a single action or type of actions. Instead, it insidiously stems from and worms its way into many other aspects of life and erodes many of the things we hold dear about our relationships. Once we understand it and its effects, we can begin work to move past it. Whether we choose to remain in the relationship is not the purpose of this blog.  The purpose is to understand, heal and move forward in whatever shape that might take.

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