Recovering from Cheating: On Self-Medicating

I recently wrote a blog post on some of the things I found to be helpful in recovering from my husband’s infidelity. I wanted to elaborate a little more on the supplements in particular.

I know I am not alone when I say that after a hard day, there is nothing I want so much as a glass of wine or a pint. Unfortunately, not long after discovering DH’s betrayal, it became my worst friend. It did not so much relax me as depress my mood, which was not great to begin with, and the more depressed I felt, the more I wanted to fill that glass. Obviously, this was not good for my mood, nor was it good for my family.

I began to look for other supplements, healthy supplements to help me through this trying time.  The two main areas I was having trouble with were sleep and mood regulation. My favorites, to date, are as follows (I am linking the ones I use).

  • Kava Kava definitely helps with sleep and anxiety. I’ve tried a few different forms of Kava.  Kava as an ingredient in a tea did not do much for me.  Any effect was so minimal as to be imperceptible.   Instant Kava, mixed with coconut milk and water, was far more effective, but the combination tasted terrible and sat heavy in my stomach. Micronized Kava is by far my favorite.  Alone, it is palatable, but mixed shot style with some cold ginger tea it is not half bad. I take this only at night about an hour before bed.
  • L-theanine an amino acid from tea, helps with calm energy.  I have found it so calming that I take one pill before before bed and am able to sleep for a solid six hours without waking.
  • Energy greens are a combination of a plethora of vitamins, minerals, adapotgens and other micronutrients.  I have found that the greens increase my energy and improve my mood. I generally take a scoop full in the mornings.
  • 5-HTP and niacin 5-HTP is a serotonin precursor and has been shown in a number of studies to have a notably positive effect on mood. Niacin is a B vitamin credited with helping to lower cholesterol and improve mood.  The most effective versions are the kind that cause the “flush,” which is uncomfortable but quickly adapted to. I find these supplements are more effective taken together than separately. I generally try to take these in the morning but I have taken them later in the day. They seem to be equally effective either way.

Another herbal supplement I have heard good things about and am interested in trying is Kratom. Kratom is the leaf of a tree from the south pacific.  It is supposed to have profoundly positive effects on mood, and depending on the variety taken, white, green or red, these effects can be energizing or relaxing.